Roxie Rocker

Roxie Rocker is a rascal! She loves music, going on adventures and playing pranks on her kindergarten friends. Roxie is super comfortable playing music in front of her family and friends, and she also likes to draw and doodle on the walls. Her style is full of colour and gold. She's the rocker of BabyCool!

Missy Bling

Missy Bling has just moved into the neighbourhood, and has already become the most stylish of the BabyCool girls. Missy loves glitter and sparkle. There's never too much glamour! She is fascinated by gold and super sparkly silver, so she also collects bracelets and tiaras. She also loves stuffed unicorns and rainbows! Her favourite colours are all pastel shades and, of course, glitter.

Lula Lollipop

Lula is the cutest and sweetest BabyCool! Her best friend is Mini Mia and together they come up with lots of pranks to play on Missy... Lula loves all things sweet, chocolate and sugar are her heaven! She loves collecting monster cuddly toys and cushions that look like ice cream, donuts and cupcakes.

Mini Mia

Mini Mia is super cute, friendly and always happy. In her mind, she's always on holiday in the tropics. Her favourite pastime? Horsing around with her friend Lula. She likes all things tropical like pineapples, flamingos, palm trees and tutti frutti shaved ice cream, although her favourite dish is pizza.