This evil leader of the villains has an ability to store within himself whatever he wishes, even his minions! And move at full speed.


His power at top speed is unrivalled! He can run through Kaboom City in minutes, and woe betide the villain who tries to stop him!


His attack is capable of altering whatever he touches to create chaos at will, turning cars upside down, making water float...! He has also given his power to his team of villains to create powerful chaos armour for them!


Using his power of the sun he has empowered the Kazoom Kids with a super armour of order. His power can heal and repair anything that disturbs his opponent! They are two sides of the same coin... but which one will win?


"Mayor Duplus's Councillor. He's a very evil villain, but the mayor doesn't realise it.... Because every time he talks to Havelock, Havelock closes his boot lid and hides his yellow eyes! He's got a foolproof cover!"