Supernova is not from this world. That's for sure! Although she may have tastes in common with humans (and she's never met one), her intelligence is beyond that of an earthling: she speaks over 100 languages and can read thoughts. She is very curious and has a great sense of humour, although her extraterrestrial nature makes her a little suspicious at times. She's a hoverboard cracker and loves strange food. Everyone will want to make friends with Supernova!


Valentina is adventurous, optimistic, self-confident and open-minded. She is super sporty, knows a lot of maths and is an excellent engineer - she has an IQ of 150! Her favourite hobby is anti-gravity training in the wind tunnel, and she also has a diving certificate - the perfect person to go to the Moon and beyond!


Fiona is idealistic, courageous, optimistic and very self-confident. Her fitness level is super high, she has a lot of physical stamina, and she takes advantage of this to plan and deliver weekend getaways in the snowy mountains. Although it is true that she is not very tolerant of the cold, she has overcome it, and even knows how to build an igloo! She would love to learn to ski as well as her friend Lindsay. She always packs the right equipment, so her friends are super safe with her. She never leaves without her four-legged friend!


Lindsey is a super enthusiastic, intelligent and strong-willed person. She works out every day to stay in good shape, especially in winter. She loves snow sports! Adventurous and adventurous, she knows all the ins and outs of the weather conditions every time.


Diana wants to become a zoologist. She has always been very fond of animals: all her free time is spent helping in shelters. Although she doesn't trust others easily, she has always felt a special connection to all wildlife, to the point that she understands the animals' needs and body language perfectly. She is a very good person, always wanting to do good!