A good and romantic soul. That's Sophia. Although she is terrified of bees, she loves flowers; her flower arrangements are the best. She collects party shoes and can't resist buying one more pair. Her motto: "Leave a spark wherever you go".


Leah is a "little princess". She loves to sparkle and feel pretty: she loves glitter dresses. She can be a bit stubborn at times, and doesn't take kindly to being criticised. She is very good at looking after pets and her best friend is her poodle. Her motto is "Glitter is my personal signature".


Kate is a mischievous spirit. Generous, impulsive and outgoing, she loves to have a good time with her friends, even if they always complain that she's not punctual at all... She is the best DJ in Kooky Springs, a natural at dancing. Her motto: "If you trip... Make it part of the dance!".


The new kid at Kooky Springs is called Justin. He's super cool and carefree! He's not much of a dancer, but he loves music: he plays the keyboard and can replicate a tune having only heard it once. He loves graffiti art and keeps a secret: he has a crush on Amber. His motto: "Messy? What messy? It's creative freedom!".


Lucia will save the world... or at least the nature around Kooky Springs. She is outgoing, direct and honest: she likes to fight for her ideals, although sometimes she can be a bit of a pain with her friends. Her motto: "Be positive, even if you feel the world is falling down around you".