bella has a big heart! She is always very careful about what she says about others. She is a bit shy, easy prey for others to make jokes about her. Her motto: "By doing what you love, you inspire others".


Ines loves cartoons and animated films. Although she can sometimes feel a bit jealous of others, she is always willing to help her friends. Her style is very eccentric, but she is not willing to give up being herself. Her motto is "The things that make me different are the things that make me who I am" (Winnie the Pooh).


Paula is a romantic, but she keeps it a secret, she doesn't like to show her feelings. She reads a lot of love stories and loves romantic films. She loves going to the cinema with her friends and eating popcorn. She even invents new flavours herself! Her motto: "Happiness is... movies, popcorn and a blanket!".


Liam is charming and a bit clumsy. He loves the food that his friend Zoe prepares for parties; he complements her by making the drinks. He doesn't like to dance at parties, but always tries hard to win the fancy dress competitions he enters. He loves his cat. His motto: "Throw confetti in the air and celebrate!".


Maya loves "animal print" clothes and party decorations, especially balloon animals. Maya is super organised, she always does everything perfectly, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love to be silly and have fun. Her motto is "Start the day with a dance and be happy!".